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MixW Software:

Version Size Date
   Mix 2.21 for MS DOS    145 Kb 11.02.1996
   MixW version 1.45    664 Kb 11.10.2000
   MixW version 2.02    1,43 Mb 21.01.2002
   MixW version 2,03    1,44 Mb 20.02.2002
   MixW version 2.04    1,46 Mb 10.03.2002
   MixW version 2.05    1,56 Mb 13.05.2002
   MixW version 2.06    1,58 Mb 21.05.2002
   MixW version 2.07    3,2 Mb 01.02.2003
   MixW version 2.08    1,9 Mb 26.05.2003
   All plugins *.dll's files    2,9 Mb 10.03.2005
   MixW version 2.10    2,02 Mb 15.10.2003
   MixW version 2.11    2,9 Mb 15.01.2004
   MixW version 2.12    2,5 Mb 01.03.2004
   New collection icons    108 Kb 08.05.2004
   MixW version 2.14 +new dll's    5,8 Mb 22.01.2005
   MixW Update 2.12-2.14 (8 files)     1,55 Mb 22.01.2005
   MixW version 2.15    2,5 Mb 09.04.2005
   MixW version 2.15 dual channel    1,1 Mb 09.04.2005
   MixW version 2.16    2,5 Mb 08.12.2005
   MixW version 2.16 dual channel (Exe file only)    1,1 Mb 08.12.2005
   MixW version 2.17    3.63 Mb 04.06.2006
   MixW version 2.17 (Nov-1-2006)    3.65 Mb 01.11.2006
   MixW version 2.18    3.58 Mb 26.12.2006
   MixW version 2.18 (Dec-30-2006)     3.58 Mb 30.12.2006
   MixW version 2.18 (Jan-09-2007)    3.58 Mb 09.01.2007
   MixW version 2.18 (Feb-19-2007)    3.58 Mb 19.02.2007
   MixW version 2.19    4.11 Mb 01.01.2009
   MixW version 2.20    5.28 Mb 03.09.2010
   MixW version 3.2    6.20 Mb 14.06.2016
   MixW version 3.2.1 new    10 Mb 12.07.2016

Download Olivia support DLL.

This is an Olivia mode support for MixW 2. Unzip and put the ModeOlivia.dll file into the MixW directory.

Important notes for Olivia mode:

  • It is critical that you have your sound card sample rate calibrated (within +-100 ppm or so in transmit and receive modes), otherwise you will lose the ability to copy other stations, as well as your own signal will not be decoded.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to place transmitted signal within 1 kHz grid (for 1 kHz-wide mode), 500 Hz grid (for 500 Hz-wide mode) and so on. This will sighnificantly reduce QRM for other stations which follow this rule. Otherwise, many operators WILL NOT come back to your call.

Macros for Olivia mode:

 <SET TONES:n> - set number of tones.
 <SET BW:n> - set bandwidth in Hz.
 <GET SN> - get S/N ratio.
 <GET OFFSET> - get frequency offset.
 <GET RATE> - get sample rate difference.

See Pawel Jalocha's page for details about Olivia. - download Olivia DLL version 3.

Download Q15X25 support DLL.

This is a Q15X25 support for MixW 2. Please read Readme.txt file for details. Put the q15x25dll.dll file from this archive into the MixW directory. Then switch to PACKET mode, click Mode settings menu, and find Q15X25 in the Mode tab.

Download contest DLLs and macros.

See the Contests page.

Download Serial port emulation drivers.

See aboute TNC emulation here.

Download virtual network adapter drivers and Ax25Inet program.

See aboute TCP/IP over AX.25 here.

Download help files.

Spanish help file by Antonio Alcolado, EA1MV.

Italian help file by Edoardo Alcolado, I5PAC.

Present the most recently help files (hlp and pdf format) of MIXW by I5PAC and EA1MV.

French help file by Bernard Violi, F5LCY.

German help file by Eike Barthels, DM3ML available in either PDF or Word 2000 formatst:

Polska wersja helpa na stronie (Jacek, SP9JCN & Krzyztof, OE1KDA).

Please notice that the last changes of MixW may not be reflected in the help files.

Alternative download page by Dave G3VFP:

MixW Team © 2007-2016