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.:: MixW - Multimode Operating Software For Ham's ::.
Easy to setup, easy to connect, easy to use and a lot of fun! Enjoy using MixW!

MixW is a multi mode multi functional software for every day logging and Contests. It has many useful features that make your QSO logging process almost a 100% automatic procedure.
MixW for digital modes may be used without TNC. The only requirements are a computer running Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system with compatible soundcard. One of the RigExpert USB interfaces is recommended.
You may download fully functional 15-day trial version of MixW and try it for free.

Download MixW 2.20f
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.:: MixW version 3 - The next step ::.
Easy to setup, easy to connect, easy to use and a lot of fun! Enjoy using MixW!

MixW3 is a next step on the way to the upcoming multiplatform MixW project
MixW3 proposes new Telnet dialog with talk over DxCluster support and a possibility to have a backup copies of your log on our server, dx.mixw.net. Logs can be password protected.
MixW3 upgrade is free for those who stay with us 10 years or more. MixW3 is free for beta team, HAM radio developers and DxPeditions.

Download MixW 3.1.1
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.:: MultiPan - Multiplatform Multimode Freeware For Ham's ::.
MultiPan (former DigiPan32)

MultiPan (former DigiPan32) is in beta development and currently only available to members of the beta development team. If you are interested in becoming a beta team member for testing on Linux, or MacOS, or the iPad, please contact KH6TY at skipteller[at]gmail.com.

.:: Direct connection (simple home made interface) ::.

Connecting a transceiver.

It is a "hardware" keying via RTS or DTR line of a serial port (preferred).

A simple circuit for connecting PTT, CW, and CAT (RXD and TXD) lines to the computer can be as follows.
Use a 9- or 25-pin connector.

Better results can be reached by using one of the following USB transceiver interfaces.

.:: Best Transceiver Interfaces From Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. ::.

RigExpert Plus

RigExpert Standard

RigExpert TI-5

RigExpert Tiny

See www.rigexpert.com for more info.

.:: Antenna analyzers AA-30/AA-54/AA-230/AA-230PRO/AA-520/AA-1000::.

See www.rigexpert.com for more info.